Analytical Study of Awami Tehreek: An Ideological Debate


Ali Qasim
Zunera Memon
Aisha Zaki


This paper discusses the foundational and theoretical basis of Awami Tehreek.  Awami Tehreek is a party about which common and even religious minded people admire that it is the only political party in Sindh whose workers are well educated and well trained. They excel in the debate on the topics like philosophy, history, politics, literature, religion etc that no one could be able to defeat them. The strategy was to educate the workers of party. It inculcates the culture of study circles. when I was studying in the University of Sindh, I could be able to attend those study circles which were organized by Rosool Bux Palijo himself. This was the same culture of study circles existed in every nook and corner of Sindh where there was the branch of Awami Tehreek. Owing to this strategy, the Awami Tehreek became the symbol of education in Sindh. As far as, resistance is concerned, the party stands on many fronts where its leadership observed that there is injustice and exploitation, the party is seen there and defends oppressed people. The present research will analyze the democratic, national, class, patriarchal questions, which paved the way for long struggle against feudalism in Sindh. Moreover, it will critically evaluate the fighting fronts, the party incorporation, politics, common people, students, intelligentsia, women and peasants etc. This research will emphasize the above questions and will try to answer the multi-dimensional approaches of resistance. This paper will also discuss that how Awami Tehreek deferred from nationalist and the leftist political parties in Sindh.


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