*Noman Khan, **Nayla Uzma Khizar


Present observation is primarily based totally on stylistic evaluation of ‘Daffodils” written with the aid of using a totally well-known romantic poet, William Wordsworth. This evaluation is made at the graphological, phonological, morphological and semantic stage to research what the poet desires to carry with the aid of using citing the recollections of a totally small, but essential treatment for humans withinside the shape of of talented recollections of adorable past. Stylistic strategies and techniques are used to spread the hidden splendor of the poet’s mind. Since stylistic is the observe of various gadgets used in language that offers expressive or literary fashion to any writing so, maintaining in view, this newsletter objectives to determine out the name of the game jewels of these lovely lines. This evaluation is beneficial in knowhow the simple idea that Nature can carry peace of thoughts to a dejected soul The stylistic gadgets used on this poem are the putting of the poem in conjunction with the figures of speech. Through this evaluation the researcher wants to discover how the social and cultural history of a poet impacts at the utilization of literary devices. It was explored after the analysis that there are quite a few literary devices used that has created a strong impact on the reader.


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