*Muhammad Farukh Arslan, **Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asim Mehmood, ***Hira Haroon


In the field of linguistics, it is well known that language varies on the basis of culture, region, and gender. The goal of this study is to find out the variations in language use among the novelists. The usage of adjectives by the novelists main concern of the study. Adjectives serve a vital function in describing nouns and pronouns in both subjective and objective contexts. Furthermore, they include the facts to improve the effectiveness of the writing. Researchers used quantitative and qualitative methodologies to analyse four novels by male and female authors. The researchers obtained quantitative variance as a consequence of employing the Antconc corpus analysis tool, and the data was tagged using the CLAWS POS tagger. There have been differences in the gender-based examination of books. After examining the distinctions in adjectives found in the works, it is concluded that masculine dominance in society is more powerful and holds more authority than feminine dominance. Females, on the other hand, have a delicacy and compassionate nature that makes them more courteous and sensitive; this is what distinguishes masculine and feminine compositions. Females are more delicate as a result, which is why they employ adjectives so frequently.


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