*Dr. Wasim Hassan, **Mehreen Chaudhary, ***Dr. Noreen Saba


English is one of the major subjects that is  taught in district khanewal. Learning pronunciation is the major problems many students are facing. Learning pronunciation can lead to easiness in many things as it is an international language while bad pronunciation leads to many difficulties. it is necessary to learn pronunciation as if one is out of his country he can communicate easily. (Azizan  & Mun,  2011b)has also done a survey on school leavers in Malaysia in which they found out that they face great difficulty in expressing their ideas in interview due to lack of pronunciation.(Wei, 2006;  Derwing, 2003)  says that for a language Pronunciation is must as pronunciation is a thing that will shape the language.

Lack of communication is the great problem as it makes one not able to communicate. The secondary level is the stage were a student learn to communicate properly for the later life. But in district khanewal the student s are not aware how to communicate. It makes them unable to read. If a student is unable to read then then he can not communicate with the society as learning pronunciation of international language is essential. Knowing the pronunciation can also help in understanding the foreign people. (Saran, Seferoglu  & Cagiltay,  2009).  Says that there no doubt that for the better communication it is necessary to know better pronunciation because better pronunciation is essential for better communication

There are not many skilful teachers in district khanewal. The lack of skilful teachers can cause a major problem as students would not be able to learn how to pronounce. If one student listen to his teacher pronunciation the word properly then he will also learn the pronunciation as listening has great effect. Skilful teachers are in need to learn better English pronunciation.(Rodgers,  2001) says that apart from newly discovered method for the learning of better Pronunciation  a different method is also discovered which is face to face community .

The students who are not aware to pronounce lose their confidence because of this with the passage of time. As the student will  pronounce the word wrongly and will  have to ask others about the pronunciation of a word gradually he will not believe on himself that he can pronounce a word correctly.  The lack of confidence can make him lose interest in English which can effect studies greatly as all the course in district khanewal is in English language. (Baxter, 1954 ) says that in today’s society the person who knows how to pronounce better are at the top because to live in this cruel society one must learn to pronounce better . If a person is on another country and is in need of communication he cannot even make other understand him if he cannot even pronounce a word properly.


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