Style Shift for Plosive Sounds among Faisalabadi Dialect of Punjabi


Lubna Aram Azam,Saira Qasim,,Dr Mudasar Jahan


This paper addresses the factor that led to the style shift in the local social dialect in the Faisalabadi ‘Dialect of Punjabi. This study explores shifting from plosive (Ph) to fricative (F) sounds. This shift correlates with variables like education and society. The stability towards the standard variable shows the linkage to high educational level and posh society. The study provides a clear articulation of the plosive sound ‘ph’ index is a class that is linked with highly educated society and inhabitants of the city, whereas the absence of ‘Ph’ and the presence of non-standard ‘F’, index class which is an uneducated and village dwellers. Quantitative research techniques have been employed to find the phonological and social differences. Correlations were sorted out by using the word list, interview questions, paragraph reading, and general conversation on SPSS software. A significant correlation between social structure and linguistic structure has been found.


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