Muhammad Ahmed Nawaz1, Asif Naveed Ranjha2, Sibgha Noor3 & Iqra Almas4


Purpose of study: Women self-employment is a tool to achieve the economic progress of the society by improving skills among young girls and by creating the awareness regarding benefits of self-employment. With a greater rate of self-employment, the modern nations can compete in an era of competition related to socio-economic spheres of life.

 Application of the study: The women self-employment rate in Pakistan needs to be increased particularly in Bahawalpur. That is why both national government and provincial government of Punjab initiate different projects to uplift the skills of young girls in rural areas so they can improve their income. Based on this need, national and provincial launched various projects through vocational training institutes to impart vocational skills trainings among young girls of rural areas for their empowerment. Methodology: Research study was conducted to determine the social response and problems faced self-employed skillful women in district Bahawalpur. The sample size of this research study was 74, which were selected through multi-stage cluster sampling. This quantitative and applied research was conducted through using cross-sectional survey method of research. Data was analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistical procedures by using SPSS 25. Principle findings:  The research study shows performance level of skill self-employed women of district Bahawalpur does not affect by family related, stress and role conflict related, finance related and availability of support mechanism related problems. These women got training in different trades and establish their small businesses in their homes and they are earning good income. Furthermore, community also values them and appreciates them for their work. Novelty/Originality of study: Findings of this research study will be helpful for policy makers to make more effective policies of skills development for women of Pakistan. Keeping in view findings of this research study there is a need to create awareness among communities about the importance and benefits of self-employability and government should also take some positive steps by making some sort of official registration portal for self-employed women and provide them some facilities which help these women for their better earning.


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