Exploring the Role of Technology in Enhancing Government Transparency and Accountability


Jamila Asif Satti,Sheikh Waseem Rasool


Transparency and accountability form the basis of government par as it is an important pillar in a democratic system of governance since it helps in the strengthening of the bond of trust between the leaders and the public. There is a vast potential to upgrade and improve these attributes in the practical functioning of government agencies due to the constant development of information and communication technologies. This study focuses on the use of new-age technological gadgets in increasing transparency and accountability within the government structure. The research examines technologies from the perspective of a literature study, surveys, interviews, and case studies to reach conclusions about the methods’ efficiency. Open data plat forms, e-governance apps and other products like block chain can provide transparency by making the government data easily available and increasing efficiency in areas relating to the same. With these technologies, there is also enhanced responsibility demonstrated by increased oversight of the actions undertaken by the government and empowered citizenship invasions. But issues like the digital divide, cybersecurity, and employees’ resistance push hard against the change. The work offers recommendations for the management of these challenges: it is necessary to increase investment in developing digital competencies; strengthen approaches and materials in cyberspace security; create positive attitudes that correspond to innovativeness. The research results would prove useful for fulfilling research and experimental objectives and developing and evaluating policies for enhancing resource governance and utilization through technology. As a part of the overall research finding of this study, this research will benefit the field of public administration and e-governance by providing the empirical evidence of the effects of technological on transparency and accountability.  


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