Violation of Human Rights in Pakistan


Hamza Rahman, Dr. Tansif Ur Rehman, Muhammad Salar Khan, Syed Sharif Ahmad admin


Pakistan has a long-standing history of human rights violations across various fronts, including political, social, and religious spheres. Despite constitutional safeguards and international obligations, the country continues to grapple with systemic issues ranging from gender inequality and religious persecution to extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances. This abstract delves into the critical areas of concern, examining the underlying factors contributing to these violations and the challenges in addressing them effectively. It additionally investigates the job of government organizations, common society, and worldwide entertainers in advancing basic freedoms in Pakistan. At last, it prescribes strategy changes and cultural changes to moderate denials of basic freedoms and encourage a culture of regard for human poise and equity.The implications of human rights violations are examined, emphasizing their detrimental effects on individual well-being, social cohesion, economic development, and international relations. Additionally, the project assesses the role of media, technology, and global advocacy in exposing and addressing these violations and the challenges and opportunities for fostering a culture of human rights, respect, and protection in Pakistan. Through far reaching examination and investigation, this venture plans to add to the talk on basic freedoms and backer for significant change towards an all the more and fair society in Pakistan.


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