Outreach Services for Elders in Public Libraries of Sindh, Pakistan


Noor Hussain khooharo,Hafeez Ur Rehman,Momina Rafique,Prof. Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad


The elderly population represents a valuable demographic with unique needs and challenges when it comes to accessing and benefiting from library services. This thesis explores the multifaceted landscape of library outreach services for elderly persons in Sindh, Pakistan and endeavors to enhance their engagement and satisfaction within the public library system. The current study offers a comprehensive understanding of these challenges, their impact on the elderly population's library experience and a set of evidence based solutions. Quantitative research approach is used to achieve objectives of the current study. Questionnaire was adapted to collect data from elderly library users of Sindh, Pakistan

The research identifies a range of challenges faced by elderly persons, including limited accessibility, digital literacy gaps, health-related concerns, social isolation, and cultural diversity. In response to these challenges, the thesis presents a set of evidence-based solutions, including accessibility improvements, digital literacy training programs, health and wellness support initiatives, enhanced outreach and awareness strategies, social engagement opportunities, and staff training in cultural competence. These solutions are designed to transform libraries into inclusive and welcoming spaces that cater to the diverse needs of elderly patrons.

The study also provides valuable insights into the practical implementation of these solutions and their potential outcomes. The significance of this research lies in its potential to not only enhance the library experience for the elderly population in Sindh but also to serve as a model for public libraries worldwide seeking to improve their services for aging demographics. By addressing the unique needs and challenges of elderly patrons, libraries can play a crucial role in promoting lifelong learning, social engagement, and improved quality of life for this vital segment of the population. Ultimately, this thesis contributes to the broader discourse on library services' adaptability to changing demographics and serves as a guiding framework for creating inclusive and age-friendly libraries in Sindh and beyond.


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Noor Hussain khooharo,Hafeez Ur Rehman,Momina Rafique,Prof. Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad. (2024). Outreach Services for Elders in Public Libraries of Sindh, Pakistan. Harf-O-Sukhan, 8(2), 460-475. Retrieved from https://harf-o-sukhan.com/index.php/Harf-o-sukhan/article/view/1355