Ayesha Arshad,Ayesha Riaz,Dr Muhammad Kamran Khan


This is the age of information and technology where different video games are popular for sake of entertainment and for gaming environment. The recent study focuses on addiction of PUBG game and its health consequences on life of youth. This study found the addiction level of PUBG game among youth of Narowal and their usage pattern of different online video games. The world has transformed itself with new information and communication technology due to continuous progress of computer and internet connectivity across the globe. PUBG game so called the unknown battleground an online video game where hundreds of players can play simultaneously. For research purpose 200 respondents’ maximum among the youth’ are selected for the current study. They belong to different departments and they have smart phones with the internet connectivity. Their age vary from 18 to 40 who frequently use the video games. With the help of close ended questions, survey research is conducted by using non probability sampling of purposive and convenient techniques for data collection where 200 respondents who are the frequent and regular users of different games.   The youngsters were asked different questions regarding their usage of games and its impact on their life style.  The findings revealed that they frequently use different games for entrainment purpose to kill the time. These games have great impact on their social and personal lives and feel great mental relaxation and aggression after using the games


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Ayesha Arshad,Ayesha Riaz,Dr Muhammad Kamran Khan. (2024). IMPACT OF VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES ON ROUTINE LIFE AND HEALTH OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. Harf-O-Sukhan, 8(2), 105-118. Retrieved from