English around the World: Exploring Current Debates and Issues in World Englishes


Amna Kanwal,Dr. Aftab Akram,Faiz Ullah


The present study explores the contemporary discourse and challenges surrounding World Englishes, a multifaceted field encompassing diverse English varieties spoken across the globe. This research adopts a qualitative and descriptive approach to thoroughly investigate the dynamic nature of English in various linguistic and sociocultural contexts. One focal point of the present inquiry is the examination of language policies and their implications for the recognition and utilization of different English varieties in multicultural societies. The study analyses how these policies shape the status, prestige, and functional domains of English varieties, shedding light on issues of linguistic diversity and equity. Additionally, it explores sociolinguistic variation to understand how factors such as region, social class, and ethnicity influence linguistic variation in World Englishes. Through in-depth sociolinguistic analysis, the study aims to uncover the intricate interplay between linguistic features and sociocultural dynamics, providing valuable insights into the complexities of language variation and identity construction. Furthermore, it assesses teaching methodologies employed in diverse educational settings to impart knowledge of World Englishes. By critically evaluating current pedagogical practices, the current study seeks to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for improvement in teaching approaches. This research endeavours to contribute to the on-going dialogue on language diversity, education, and social inclusion, offering valuable insights for scholars, educators, policymakers, and language practitioners engaged in the study and promotion of World Englishes.



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