"Unlocking Pronunciation Proficiency: The Significance of English Phonetics in Language Learning"


Arifa Shamim,Dr. Shamim Ara Shams,Behjat Azhar


Adequate mastery of pronunciation is the key factor in using English effectively while learning the language. This research paper centers on the importance of English phonetics in learning a language and discusses cutting-edge tactics that will help learners gain better proficiency of pronunciation. Through the employment of quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews that are mixed-methods, the effectiveness of multimodal approaches and the existing pronunciation levels of learners, as well as their attitudes towards phonetics instruction, are assessed. The intervention includes a well-designed phonetics-based curriculum, which come along with technology-enhanced learning tools and visual aids, plus engaging activities. The results point out how integrating phonetics principles into language teaching will be effective. In addition, they show that multimodal approaches may be a great option for improving pronunciation ability. This research addresses the issues and obstacles that make phonetic-oriented methods more effective and at the same time advances linguistic training techniques and makes competent communicators out of language learners. The study emphasizes the importance of creating a framework for effective communication competence through the improvement of pronunciation in academic contexts of learning English.


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