A Freudian Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Dreams in Atiq Rahimi's Earth and Ashes


Dr. Adnan Riaz ,Shari,Dur Jan


The paper focuses on the psychoanalytical interpretation of Dastaguir’s dreams, the central character of the novel Earth and Ashes. While sleeping the human thoughts are active, and carry the tinges of human consciousness. The disassociated elements further reside in the unconscious space of the human mind and equivalently participate in the development of their dreams as well as their personality. On these lines, considering Freudian Psychoanalysis of dreams, the paper argues that a dreamer’s dreams are a manifestation of their subjective inner, external, psychic and experience-based circumstances. Consonantly, the study stresses the manifest and latent content of the dreams illustrated in the novel. Earth and Ashes consists of a series of dreams that one way or another contain the portrayal of the protagonist’s personal fright, urges and experiences.  The research explains how dreams are structured in relation to the "Dream factor" and the driving forces behind it as portrayed in Atiq Rahimi's Earth and Ashes.


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