Empowering Women: Economic Advancement within Seerah Studies Contexts


Noreen Tahir,Aneeqa Waheed ,Umer Yousaf


Women's economic empowerment is a critical component of sustainable development, particularly in Islamic societies where cultural, legal, and socio-economic factors intersect with Islamic principles and values. This study examines the historical role of women in economic activities, the evolution of women's economic rights within Islamic teachings, and contemporary challenges facing women's economic empowerment. It analyzes governmental and non-governmental initiatives aimed at promoting women's economic participation, education, and entrepreneurship within Islamic frameworks. Furthermore, the study explores the importance of education and skill development in enhancing women's economic empowerment, highlighting the correlation between education levels and women's economic participation and decision-making power. Through a multidimensional analysis, it provides insights into successful empowerment programs, challenges, and recommendations for policymakers, community leaders, and stakeholders to further promote women's economic empowerment within Islamic contexts.


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