Muhammad Shoaib Tahir,Rayyan Fatima,Brera Jilani,Samia Iqbal


The use of legal language in pharmaceutical advertising is a critical and complex issue that has garnered increased attention in recent years. This paper explores the multifaceted nature of this issue, emphasizing the pharmaceutical industry's reliance on advertising to promote products and the potential for manipulation and misinformation. Regulatory frameworks, particularly in the United States where the FDA oversees pharmaceutical advertising, play a pivotal role in ensuring truthful and balanced messaging. Legal language serves as a tool for regulatory compliance, but its use can also be a double-edged sword, providing essential information while potentially downplaying risks. Corpus analysis emerges as a powerful method for dissecting legal language in pharmaceutical advertising, uncovering patterns and trends in disclaimers, warnings, and disclosures. Researchers can scrutinize how these elements interact with other advertising messages, shedding light on the shaping of discourse around pharmaceutical products and its implications for consumer health and safety. The conclusion underscores the need for careful analysis and consideration of legal language's role in pharmaceutical advertising. While it can be instrumental in providing accurate information, there are concerns regarding consumer comprehension, potential information overload, and missed marketing opportunities. Despite these challenges, legal language serves a crucial purpose in safeguarding consumers and building trust. Efforts to simplify language, improve formatting, and explore alternative marketing approaches are suggested as potential solutions. The overarching goal is to strike a balance between legal compliance and effective communication, ultimately empowering consumers to make informed healthcare decisions prioritizing their safety and well-being.


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Muhammad Shoaib Tahir,Rayyan Fatima,Brera Jilani,Samia Iqbal. (2024). ANALYSIS OF THE USE OF LEGAL LANGUAGE IN PHARMACEUTICAL ADVERTISEMENTS. Harf-O-Sukhan, 8(1), 397-413. Retrieved from