Media and Radical Western Prospects about Seerah (S.A.A.S)


Tehmina Rafiq,Afshan Naz ,Dr. Amir Hayat


Science is the pursuit of knowledge based on understanding the natural and social world focused on observations, discoveries, and facts. Technology is an application that stresses inventions that can either be beneficial or harmful, whose focal part is contemporary evolution. Technology remains advantageous until it remains in natural configurations; whenever the diversion occurs, devastation knocks at the door of humankind. The core subject of the article will remain the Search literature in terms of Quranic Sciences, the Science of Hadith, the Science of Orientalism,  and the defiance faced by the Muslim world regarding the Seerah literature and how it has been affected due to the incoherence of Media. The validity of Islam rests first and foremost on the nature of the Qur'an and the Seerah of the Prophet (S.A.A.S). We will discuss the contemporary challenges in Seerah literature to elevate the Muslim Ummah from the intensifying horrible issues generated by the negative reporting of Media. The critical concern is to find out the conceptual methodology to cope with the epistemological errors, gaps between East & West, and challenges to emerging the honest discourse of Prophet (S.A.A.S) Seerah and his teachings.


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